Foster Wellness offers soft tissue massage treatments for all types of ailments. Here’s just a few of what we specialize in.


TMJD Treatments

Do you suffer from jaw pain, clicking, popping or limited opening? Soft tissue massage techniques may provide relief. Ask for more details and set up your next appointment today!

Appointments focusing on TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) typically last for 30-60 minutes. Massage techniques focus on muscles of the jaw, head and neck and may include intra-oral work (with a gloved hand).This is the perfect place for going into more detail about yourself, your project, or your organization. You can talk about how your idea started, how long you’ve been working on it, what it stands for, and why it’s important. The more specific you are, the more visitors can engage with what you do. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions they may have about you or your work.

Jeannine’s strong understanding of anatomy shines through in her sessions. Her manual therapy skills combined with her knowledge of the body always lead to an effective session. She’s my go-to practitioner for helping me solve problems in my body!
— Emily

some of What we’ve learned

Here’s a few of the continuing education classes taken over the years:

  • Clinical Mastery of TMJ Disorders

  • Neurokinetic Therapy

  • Strengthening and Assessment

  • CORE Myofascial Therapy

  • WITS Personal Trainer Program

  • Advanced Myofascial Mobilization