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repetitive stress injury

The soft tissue work techniques used at Foster Wellness are geared toward relieving acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. The goal is to create balance within one’s body. When the body is balanced, pain decreases and the body has room to heal.

athletic performance

Regular soft tissue work can help structural alignment, balance, flexibility and movement patterns. This helps reduce pain, speed sports recovery time, and helps you perform your best.


Scars can be a result from surgery, accidents/trauma, or other medical conditions and may leave behind tension, restriction and disorganization in the fascial layers. As scar tissue matures it begins to pull and drag on surrounding areas. ScarWork uses a gentle touch to help reorganize the tissue and create more balance and freedom in the body.

Jaw Pain

Do you suffer from jaw pain, clicking, popping or limited opening? Soft tissue massage techniques may provide relief. Appointments focusing on TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) typically last for 30-60 minutes. Massage techniques focus on muscles of the jaw, head and neck and may include intra-oral work (with a gloved hand).

some of What we’ve learned

Here’s a few of the continuing education classes taken over the years:

  • Clinical Mastery of TMJ Disorders

  • Neurokinetic Therapy

  • Strengthening and Assessment

  • Cupping

  • CORE Myofascial Therapy

  • WITS Personal Trainer Program

  • Advanced Myofascial Mobilization

  • ScarWork