The addition of a consistent bodywork plan into your own wellness regimen can have profound effects on the human body. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at regular intervals may seem like an indulgence. However, it is truly an investment in your health. So…in order to encourage you to take care of yourselves I offer you:

referral program

It's simple. You are a client of Foster Wellness and feel you have benefited from the work you received. You know someone else who you think will benefit from a massage. You tell that someone else about Foster Wellness and he/she books a massage. You receive a free 30 minutes session. Or save it up...refer two people and get a free 60 minute session. Sounds great, doesn't it?  Get out there and start telling people about Foster Wellness!


Want earn FREE massage? The first person to refer 5 new clients to Foster Wellness wins 5 FREE 60-minute massages. New clients must book sessions of a least 60 minutes before 12/31/19.

Winning massages must be redeemed by 6/30/20 and are non-transferable. Good luck and get talking!